A Special Visit from HOSA

HOSA High School student Anna Waterbury along with fellow classmates gathered together outside the Speaker office inside the Legislature to share information about the Leukemia  & Lymphoma Society. This special trip is a class project for public awareness.  A beloved Tipton Co. citizen Theta Rhone was in the forefront of their inspiration to share knowledge.


Thank-you, Tipton County

Thank-you, Tipton County, for electing me in the Republican Primary! Grateful for my family, the many volunteers and supporters. Looking forward to November 4 when there will also be four proposed Tn Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. I’d like to ask you for your prayers for my Mom, who continues to be hospitalized since 7/28. […]



Criminal Procedure – As introduced, lengthens the statute of limitations for certain felony sexual offenses under certain circumstances where DNA evidence identifies the defendant. More Information



Firearms and Ammunition – As enacted, broadens scope of handgun permit holder’s right to transport and store a firearm or firearm ammunition in certain motor vehicle parking lots without criminal liability under Tennessee law, unless expressly prohibited by federal law. More Information